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Schedule information

You can choose between searching here for schedule information by port pairs or we invite you to go to the main menu item "Services and Trades" to obtain detailed schedule information together with other relevant information on each of the routes we offer and the ports served.
Alternatively please make use of our Schedule subscription service and receive regularly (daily, weekly or monthly) schedules of your choice via email.

Container Tracking System

Please enter a container number, a booking number or a Bill of Lading number. The Tracking System will display detailed information about your individual consignment.

Booking via Internet

DAL and their local offices like to deal with you on a personal basis, however if you wish to make your bookings via internet, you are more than welcome to use this service. If you make regular bookings with DAL, please make use of creating your individual booking-templates. Your latest bookings placed with us via internet will also be displayed.

Do not lose time and print your own shipping documents

As soon as you have applied for being registered for our Bill of Lading Service, you will be contacted by our local office to initiate the necessary legal administration. As soon as this is done you will receive your personal user-ID and password plus the blank documents, putting you in the position to print original Bills of Lading or non-negotiable Waybills. As an extra-service your latest bookings and documents will also be displayed.

Easier than ever to provide the necessary information for your shipping documents

Please register for this service and you will have the possibility to enter your shipping instructions online. This service can be used as a single tool, but when you have registered for our Bill of Lading service and/or our online booking tool, this service represents an useful module of our entire eCommerce-solution.

Verified Gross Mass

Please use this service to submit the verified gross mass of your containers.

Check the specific rates of exchange applicable to your shipment

Please key in the information available to you and you will get the rate of exchange for your shipment.

View stack dates for South Africa

Please select your port.

Emission Calculator

The DAL Emission Calculator provides you with data on the port to port emissions for 20' or 40' container transports under a DAL Bill of Lading. The calculation method on which this tool has been developed has been verified by Lloyds Register and confirmed in a Statement of Facts (click here for a pdf download). Please obtain your password to access this tool by registering with your local DAL agency office.

Repair Estimates

This tool can be used for the submission of container repair estimates. Please log in and get connected.


Agents shall use this service to provide a forecast about their required container volumes per location and period.

INTTRA B2B portal

INTTRA is the leading B2B portal for ocean container shipments, with its member carriers covering 46% of the ocean-going transportation market. By working collaboratively with a major consortium of carriers around the world, INTTRA is steering the shipping industry toward seamless and efficient global communications that enable shippers to manage the booking and movement of cargo across multiple shipping lines.